If you are eligible for legal aid you will require the assistance of an independent legal representative to obtain mediation under legal aid. Please discuss this further when making an enquiry.

Mediation is practiced on the co-mediation model and in most cases the mediator may enlist the assistance of a co-mediator at no extra charge to you.

  • Intake meeting – free of charge
  • Mediation meeting - £150 per person per hour.
  • Charges cover mediation time during sessions plus associated work outside the meetings, provision of written summaries, all administration costs including telephone calls, letters and communication with Advocates where required.
  • Memorandum of Understanding and Financial Summary - £150 per hour in total
    The cost of preparation is shared between the parties. By way of guidance, it is anticipated that these documents will take approximately one hour each, but times will depend on the complexity of the case.